Google news and views: Google hacking, domains and job interviews

Google Link Week: Google hacking, Google domains, Google joB interviews
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

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A New Googely Hire, pre-indoctrinated

Mark Pilgrim, "Two visions," 3/19/07

There are two basic visions of the future of the Web, and one of them is wrong. I'm going to work on the right one for a while. At Google. Starting today. (as in good Google form, no details on job function offered)

Google Owned Domains, for fun and fantasy 

Jay Westerdal, "Surprising Google domains predict the future," 3/17/07

Google Time Warner.com - Just in case they bought Time Warner back in 2004,
Every Classified.com - Google’s alternative name to Google Base,
Free-Wifi.info - But they don’t own the non-hyphen version or the .COM, bad tip off they want better names...

Interviewing at Google, The Inquisition

Hung Troung, "Google college days interview and visit: Impressions & verdict," 3/27/07

So last Thursday I flew out to Google to visit in the context of their College Days program to do some interviews / take a tour of the Googleplex and eat their food. Google had me sign a pretty hefty NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) so I’ll try to be careful with what I say...

The first thing that I was upon arriving to Google was a ping-pong table. Cool! We introduced ourselves to the recruiters and relations people, and listened to a quick talk from (name witheld!), who is now a research director at Google. I’m not really into AI, so I didn’t know who he was, but one of the other college day visitors was studying AI as a PhD so he was pretty stoked...

Google: Poetry in motion

Jen Benkman, "Getting dirty with Google books," 3/27/07

I had my first experience with Google Books tonight. I was searching for the text of a poem to email to a friend. All I had in my head were the first two lines: “Is it dirty / does it look dirty”. That string plus “O’Hara” was enough to get me on track. I got the text I wanted, but I’m never really sure that people who repost poems have the line breaks and punctuation right. With poetry that stuff matters a whole lot, so I was pleased to find links to the Google-cataloged version of the book Lunch Poems, where the poem originally appeared.

It’s an entirely different experience to read the poems from the scanned book pages rather than looking at reproduced text on some random web site...

Symantec Grab Bag: Google hacking tutorial

David McKinney, "Googling SecurityFocus," 3/28/07

Google hacking is a well-known phenomenon. It consists of using Google’s advanced operators to search for sensitive files or other security issues in content that Google has indexed. Various techniques and examples have been developed to find such things as password files, web-cam management interfaces, etc. Ultimately, Google hacking has revealed data management issues that cause sensitive information to be exposed to the public. This is still an ongoing issue for many organizations...



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