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Readers of this Digital Markets Blog know I am passionate about two things:Google and Web 2.0!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Readers of this Digital Markets Blog know I am passionate about two things:

Google and Web 2.0!

To complement my ongoing, in-depth, exclusive reporting and analysis of all things Google and Web 2.0, I am authoring two new series going forward:

1) Web 2.0 Showcase and 2) Google News and Views

Web 2.0 Showcase presents concise snapshots of Web 2.0 companies, those with business models that is!

My inaugural edition this morning, Web 2.0 video showcase: Acceptable.tv, Brightcove, Payoneer, focused on the hot online video marketplace with must know companies, Viacom’s MTV and Jeremy Allaire’s Brightcove, both showcased at this month’s NY Video 2.0 Meetup, held at Columbia University on Wednesday.

MTV networks (of Viacom vs. Google lawsuit fame) is on a never ending quest to let “users be in control,” while still ensuring shareholders the financial controls they are legally entitled to!

Kenny Miller, EVP & Creative Director, Global Digital Media, presented the just launched Acceptable.tv, the latest Viacom initiative to leverage audience relationships and entertainment production expertise with the goal of further extending a monetizable franchise, online and off.

Miller acknowledged Viacom is still in the experimental stage, but expressed confidence that they will “figure it out.”

Acceptable.tv solicits feedback from VH1 fans online with the goal of choosing programming more aligned with viewer interests.

I asked Miller about the reliability of television programming decisions based on a small, and not necessarily representative, online subset of the VH1 viewing audience. Nielsen does not have a much bigger data set, Miller asserted.

Read about Viacom MTV Network’s VH1 most recent experiment: Acceptable.tv.

In the online video world, Allaire’s Brightcove is a hip, but nevertheless methodical, corporate business model fueled Internet TV vision for the future, as opposed to the anything goes YouTube “community (after Google first) rules.”

Tony Dunaif, VP, Content Partnerships, walked through a demo of the turnkey, self-serve Brightcove make your own Internet TV channel platform.

New versions of the Web based broadband service are rolled out every eight weeks, Dunaif proudly underscored. He is also proud of Brightcove’s top tier advertising clientele: Sony Electronics, J & J, Amex, Absolut…

I asked Dunaif why Brightcove needs $60 million in funding to pursue its business model. Dunaif indicated Brightcove’s total funding to date is about $83 million, but merely reiterated the Brightcove positioning statement for an explanation, international expansion.

Read about Brightcove’s business model.

Google News and Views broadens the Google discussion by highlighting different voices and experiences.

The inaugural edition this morning is an eclectic snapshot of what is going on with Google, both inside and out!

Also, a recap of my Google coverage and analysis, uniquely Digital Markets style!

Read up on all things Googley!


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