Google Offers continues on path to nationwide domination

Google Offers expands to five more U.S. metropolitan areas after launching over one month ago.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Although it is still in beta mode, Google Offers has expanded coverage to five additional cities: Austin; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Denver and Seattle.

Some of the daily deals that Google Offers is providing range from sales on ice cream to cheaper admission rates at the Seattle Aquarium. Promotions in these cities started popping up on Wednesday and will first become redeemable starting on Thursday, September 8.

Alright, so eight metropolitan areas hardly constitutes nationwide domination in the United States. But this is just the beginning for Google Offers.

As ZDNet's Larry Dignan pointed out yesterday, Google has the capital and a user base necessary to compete and even replace Groupon and other major daily deal players. Google also has the name recognition and the brand name that average consumers would be more tempted to trust, which could also help pave the way to further success.

Just look at how fast Google is already spreading Offers. It launched in three major U.S. cities this summer after being announced in late May. Now it is the end of summer (or the beginning if you're in the Bay Area), and Google Offers is up and running in five more just a month later.

Over two dozen more U.S. cities are on the Google Offers roadmap, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Miami.

Although everyone might not realize it, but Google Offers is actually available to anyone -- with or without an Android device. Of course, it is one more email to add to the digital stack of many, but they seem to follow the same path and relevance as those seen being sold by LivingSocial. And once Google releases more phones with NFC technology (and therefore Google Wallet), which it will surely do if/when the Motorola Mobility acquisition goes through, then we'll see an even bigger draw for Google Offers.


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