Google Office user problems? Boost to AdWords business

Google Office User Problems Help AdWords Business
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Even when Google loses, it wins, in its "no obvious ceiling to AdWords monetization" Wall Street parade, that is.

The latest example stems from its problem plagued roll-out of its much touted would be Microsoft Office killer, Google Apps.

In Google vs. Microsoft Office? Not yet! Monday, I underscored that Google is not quite confident in turning on the definitive "for fee" switch for its Premiere version; the "Free Trial" period has been extended through May.

Google Calendar has been causing security headaches for corporate users, as I have been reporting and anlayzing: Beware: Google cloud platform exposed.

For fee, or not, Google Apps users are frustrated. After all, they have taken Google at its performance word, and are entrusting Google with their personal and/or business communications needs.

The "Google Apps Help Group" set-up by Google to encourage interaction between "a lot of expert users who share tips and tricks" has thousands of "interactions," pleas for help, such as:

1) I am constantly receiving a number of errors when accessing my Google
web pages site: Internal Server Error 5B, Error 503 and another error page with the Google logo, titled "502 Server Error"

Sometimes my website displays correctly but most of the time it doesn't. Has anyone had similar problems? Can anyone help me? Will

2) Same here for me too! Initially my site http://www.picogenesis.co.in  was not working and others were. Now neither start. or mail. are working!

However if I type mail.google.com/a/mail/picogenesis.co.in => it works!
This is my second day and I am pissed ...Cheers, +Vinu

3) Just signed up for two personal sites two days...both sites have returned a 503 error more than a 200.  Honestly, I am disappointed as I have high regard for Google products.

Google Apps and its users may be losing, but Google AdWords flourishes, even more, thanks to all the frustrated Google Apps users!

Google handily serves its AdWords are as good as content "Sponsored Links" along side its Google Apps user pleas for help in the "Google Apps Help Group."

As Google Apps user problems grow, so does the Google AdWords business.


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