Google once again selling unlocked Nexus devices, Galaxy Nexus just $399

Google tried selling their first Nexus device online, but it didn't do that well at $529. They are now trying again with the Galaxy Nexus at just $399 with no contract and an excellent ICS experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Back in January 2010, Google tried selling the Nexus One from their website and many of us smartphone enthusiasts picked them up from the Google Store. However, this online sales plan eventually fell through and Google went back to letting manufacturers sell the device through standard retail channels. Today, we see that Google is once again going to try to sell SIM-unlocked devices through the Play Store, starting with the Galaxy Nexus GSM model at a very attractive and reasonable $399 retail price.

I paid $750 for my GSM Galaxy Nexus in December, but still use the phone as my daily device today and have no regrets. At just $399 for a fantastic Android phone running Ice Cream Sandwich with a "pure" Google experience I recommend Android enthusiasts seriously consider purchasing this over locked and subsidized Android phones on AT&T and T-Mobile. Google Wallet is even being promoted with these devices as well and I use that service all the time since PayPass is supported at hundreds of thousands of locations.

With Google I/O coming up soon, I have to wonder if we will see Google also launch the rumored Nexus tablet on the Play Store as well. Exciting times ahead for Google and Android, don't you think?

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