Google, Oracle head to settlement talks over Android lawsuit

It's Oracle's Safra Catz vs. Google's Andy Rubin as the two parties go to mediation to head off a courtroom battle over Android.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google and Oracle appear to be headed to the mediation table as their lawsuit over whether Android infringes on Java gets closer to the courtroom.

In court filings, both Google and Oracle agreed to mediation in an attempt to settle a lawsuit over Android.

Google said:

Google recognizes the importance of having top executives of the parties attend the Court-ordered mediation. Google proposes that Andrew Rubin, who is Senior Vice President, Mobile and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, attend for Google together with Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel of Google. Mr. Rubin’s executive responsibilities include all of Google’s mobile business, of which the Android business is a part. Mr. Rubin is knowledgeable regarding the issues in this case and he is fully empowered to resolve this matter on reasonable terms.

Oracle said:

As suggested by the Court, Oracle considers it essential that both parties bring top-level executives. Accordingly, Oracle’s executive representatives in the mediation before the Magistrate Judge will be Safra Catz, President of Oracle Corporation, and Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President of Oracle Product Development. Oracle will strive to make its representatives available as necessary and proposes that the mediation occur before the end of September.

Judge William Alsup has pushed the two parties to resolve their patent and copyright case before it heads to jury.

The big question is whether Google is serious. Rubin may be a fine executive, but he's no match for Catz, who knows Oracle's operations and financials better than anyone. Will Rubin really be able to settle this suit without CEO Larry Page in the room? Doubtful.

Florian Mueller also noted that the Rubin pick is shaky. He wrote that Rubin isn't even a top tier executive in Google's pecking order. Rubin may know Android, but he's not on the same level as Catz.


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