Google+ Pages beating Twitter Pages, but Facebook still king

Google+ Pages are already adding users faster than Twitter profile pages are. That being said, it's a battle for second place, as Facebook is still way ahead of both of them.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Google launched Google+ Pages three months ago while Twitter launched Twitter profile pages two months ago. Google is already wiping the floor with Twitter, while Facebook isn't way too far ahead to reach, according to reports from Socialbakers and Bright Edge.

While Google+ has the advantage of launching its Pages before Twitter, brands have been using the latter for much longer than the former. Still, it seems that the promise of a bump in Google's search results is swaying at least some companies to Google+.

Socialbakers notes that some brands are adding users four times faster on Google+ than on Twitter. On the flipside, Bright Edge notes that certain brands have not embraced Google+ at all.

Here's Socialbakers' take:

Google+ probably has long before it can beat Facebook in growth, but it already beat Twitter in one important area: Growth of brands. Twitter with its recent releases of new Twitter brand pages has tried to get closer to brands, but is failing to engage them further. Google+ on the other hand has engaged them very well, bringing in much faster growth than Twitter. In January, it was close, but in February, its clear that Google+ brands are growing several times faster.

Here's Bright Edge's conclusion:

With search + your world driving continued visibility of Google+ we expect to see continued consumer adoption of Google+, but expect brand adoption to stay relatively constant. Most of the brands that will adopt and focus on Google+ pages appear to have done so, the next challenge for Google is adding followers. Google+ still has less than 1/100th the number of total consumers interacting with the top 100 brands that Facebook has.

This all made me wonder: how are each of the three companies doing on each of the three services? Let's take a quick look.

Facebook's Facebook Page has 62.2 million Likes. Google+ doesn't have a Facebook Page. Twitter doesn't seem to have a Facebook Page, as the URL merely advertises that you can use Facebook to update Twitter.

Facebook's Twitter Page has 2.5 million followers. Google+'s Twitter Page has 13,000 followers. Twitter's Twitter Page has 7.8 million followers.

Google's Google+ Page has just 168,000 +1s. Facebook and Twitter don't appear to have Google+ Pages (yet?).

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