Google Play launched, feeling the Amazon squeeze

The Amazon Kindle Fire with its competing Appstore has pushed the launch of Google Play.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Google surprised a few folks today when it rolled up the Android Market, Google Books, Google Music, and Google video store into one service. Google Play isn't fully integrating all of these services on Android devices yet, but the online experience pulls it all together. While it makes sense that Google should roll these entertainment features into one shop, make no mistake that this is a direct reaction to the threat Google feels from the Kindle Fire.

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Amazon opened its Appstore last year in preparation for the launch of its tablet, the Kindle Fire. Sales of the Kindle Fire have it already becoming the top Android tablet on the market, and Amazon's two-pronged strategy of store + tablet are hitting Google's Android hard.

The Google Play move smacks of a reaction to the Amazon threat, by rolling all of the separate services into one more meaningful effort. Don't believe Google Play has anything to do with the Amazon Appstore and Kindle Fire? Click on the image above and look at new discount deals that Google unrolled with Google Play. Look familiar?

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