Google Play Store apps may be coming to Chrome OS

Running Android apps on Chromebooks has been possible for a while but the selection is extremely limited. That may change soon as it looks like Chrome OS will be supporting Google Play.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Running Android apps could open up Chrome OS, and the Chromebooks that run it, for more users. Google has integrated the ability to run Android apps for a while, but has insisted that only Android apps in the Chrome Web Store could be installed

There aren't many of those but a developer has discovered some code in Chrome OS that could change that in a big way.

According to OMG!CHROME, one thing was discovered in the code that makes it appear that Google Play support is coming to Chrome OS. A Chrome OS setting to allow running Android apps was discovered in the code, which includes references to the Play Store.

It appears that in the future any Chromebook owner will be able to enable downloading and installing Android apps from the Play Store. This would bring hundreds of thousands of apps to Chrome OS which will add a lot of value to inexpensive Chromebooks.

Remember that this is deep in the Chrome OS code so this may not happen. But it is reasonable to assume it might, as it is a logical extension of Android support that Google has been gradually rolling out in Chrome OS for a while.

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