Google previews expanded AMP in search results

The search giant is getting feedback on accelerated mobile pages before making them more broadly available later this year.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

With more than 150 million accelerated mobile pages (AMP) now in its index, Google on Tuesday announced it's giving a preview of expanded AMP support across the entirety of Google Search Results.

Currently, AMP pages appear in the "Top stories" section of mobile Google Search results. Now, by nativating the AMP developer preview, you can see full search results that signify which pages were built with AMP.

"We're starting with a preview to get feedback from users, developers and sites so that we can create a better Search experience when we make this feature more broadly available later this year," Google said in a blog post. "In addition, we want to give everyone who might be interested in 'AMPing up' their content enough time to learn how to implement AMP and to see how their content appears in the demo."

Google made clear that this does not change the ranking for sites.

First introduced six months ago, AMP delivers mobile-optimized content with minimal data requirements. It is geared toward publishing-based content, but other industries aside from publishing have made use of it. For instance, eBay is using it to create a faster mobile browsing experience for its customers. Aside from e-commerce, it's being used for entertainment, travel, recipe sites, and more, Google said. More than 4 million new AMP pages are being added to Google's index every week.

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