Google pushes Cloud Monitoring into beta for Cloud Platform, AWS customers

Google Cloud Monitoring stems from the Internet giant's acquisition of Stackdriver, a startup providing full-stack tracking for AWS and other cloud environments.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Two weeks into the new year, and Google has already pushed two promised cloud products out to its corporate customer base.

The latest development focused on Google Cloud Monitoring, a tool intended to streamline operations by wrangling a number of different monitoring services into one hosted service.

Cloud Monitoring particularly hones in on infrastructure, system and uptime tracking across Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Cloud SQL.

Cloud Monitoring supports native integration with various open source services (i.e. MySQL, Apache and MongoDB, among others), and metrics can be customized through the work of the Google Cloud Platform API. Cloud Monitoring also comes with its own console for displaying network health and pushing out alerts via a bevy of communications channels ranging from SMS to HipChat.

The all-around service stems from the Internet giant's 2014 acquisition of Stackdriver, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup that provided full-stack cloud-native monitoring for Amazon Web Services and other cloud environments. It was later reintroduced in June amid the annual Google I/O developer summit.

Dan Belcher, a product manager on the Google Cloud Platform team, stressed in a blog post on Tuesday that his team has been working to facilitate these operations for customers running Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or a hybrid environment of the two.

"We're also working to integrate Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging more deeply to simplify root cause analysis for issues," Belcher added.

Last week, the Google Cloud Platform department pushed out its developer diagnostic service Cloud Trace into beta mode. Like Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace was unveiled at I/O 2014 with the purpose of helping app developers spot hiccups and performance issues by identifying traces of slow requests.

Google Cloud Monitoring is now live in beta to all Google Cloud Platform users. Free trial periods are available.

Image via Google Cloud Platform

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