Google releases Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS

Google has released its Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS, allowing users to remotely access their PCs using their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.
Written by Leon Spencer, Contributor

iOS users will now be able to use Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app to access their desktop PCs remotely from their Apple devices.

The iOS version of the app follows its release on the Android Google Play Store in April last year, and requires users to have iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The iOS edition of the app comes later than Google initially predicted, with the company telling users in April last year to "stay tuned for the iOS app later this year" when it released the Android version.

The app works in a similar way to Google's remote Chrome desktop software, which was released commercially in 2011, and allows both Mac and Windows PC users to control their machines remotely from another laptop or computer.

(Image: Screenshot by Leon Spencer/ZDNet)

Users need to first install the Chrome Remote Desktop software from the Chrome Web Store on any computer they wish to access remotely prior to connecting from their mobile devices. A Google account is also required to use the apps.

However, if a user has more than one Google account, they can toggle between them by using the app's menu button.

Once connected to a remote computer, users can control it in two different modes: A track-pad mode, and a touch mode. These can be switched by the user with the toolbar.

Google recommends that users protect the remote computer or mobile device on which the app is running with a PIN to provide an extra level of security on top of their existing Google account password.

The app also allows users to give a friend temporary access to their desktop with the generation of an access code unique to each session.

"When you use the app to share your computer with someone, that person will see your email address and have full control of your computer, including access to your applications, files, emails, documents, and history. Share with caution," Google warns on its Chrome Remote Desktop app support page.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS joins a raft of other free and paid apps already available for Apple device users to obtain remote access to desktop machines.

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