Google reportedly launching Amazon-like cloud platform at I/O

Google is reportedly launching a cloud services platform of its own that is said to rival the likes of Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Google I/O is set to kickoff next Wednesday in San Francisco. Naturally, that has many people wondering what the Mountain View, Calif.-based company will be presenting.

Unlike with Apple's WWDC 2012 and Microsoft's several events this month, it's harder to predict what Google has up its sleeves. With Apple, we knew there was going to be a major focus on laptops. For Microsoft, there were plenty of whispers about a tablet.

But at Google's 3-day powwow next week, it looks like cloud might take center stage. Following the conclusion of its own cloud computing conference this week, GigaOm is reporting that Google is very likely to launch a cloud services platform of its own.

However, this would be a lot bigger and more enterprise-focused than simple Google Drive. Google is reportedly for the top spot and compete against the likes of Amazon and Microsoft. In fact, GigaOm posits that Microsoft is really in the cross-hairs because of its strong enterprise developer community.

On June 6, Microsoft got a step ahead of Google -- at least beating the Internet giant to the punch with the announcement -- with the addition of Linux to Windows Azure, bumping it up to something that better resembles Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

(That was also the same day that Oracle announce its own public cloud offering after six years in development, but no one seems to be drawing comparisons with that platform just yet.)

Thus, there is a very good chance that Google would want to get into the enterprise cloud space now and woo developers early as best they can.


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