Google revamps App Engine for businesses

The new software, combined with a cloud portability partnership with VMware, aims to let companies develop cloud apps then choose where they will run
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Google has unveiled a business version of its App Engine and announced a cloud portability partnership with VMware, an effort that is aimed at enterprises developing their own apps for the cloud.

In the opening keynote at the Google I/O conference on Wednesday, the company announced Google App Engine for Business, targeted at allowing business customers to build their own custom apps for Google's cloud infrastructure. It also launched a partnership with VMware that will let enterprise customers create cloud apps and then, by enabling portability between on-premise and multiple clouds, choose where their apps will run.

"We're working with VMware... to make it easy and fast to build apps and deploy them to either Google App Engine for Business, a VMware environment — your vSphere infrastructure, your choice of vCloud partners, or VMforce — or other infrastructure such as Amazon EC2," Google said in a post to its Enterprise Blog. "VMware's SpringSource Tool Suite and Spring Roo now provide an integrated development experience with Google Web Toolkit and Speed Tracer, enabling enterprise Java developers to quickly build rich web applications, including new data presentation widgets that run on all devices, from phones to tablets to desktops."

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