Google says these are the best Android apps of 2017 but do you agree?

Google names most popular and best Android apps of the year.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Google has published a list of the most downloaded apps that appeared on the Play Store in 2017, as well as the top apps recommended by Play Store editors.

The most popular new app this year is FaceApp, a Russian photo app that uses AI to make your face look older, younger, or transform into another gender.

The second most popular app is What The Forecast, a humorous weather app that promises to explain "how nasty it is outside" and which encourages users to "just go back to bed". The app cheers people up with "over 6,657 completely obnoxious phrases" for the current weather. Users can adjust profanity settings.

The classic-cartoon subscription service Boomerang, which is owned by Time Warner, takes third spot.

Other popular apps are TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, Funny GIFs and TV shows; and Yarn -- Chat Fiction, an app that tells stories in a chat format.


The best app of the year, according to Play Store editors, is Socratic, a tutorial app that aims to help users with homework.

Image: Socratic

Google has also compiled several categories of top apps selected by Play Store editors.

According to the editors, the most innovative apps of 2017 are Pinterest, Snapchat, Be My Eyes -- Helping the blind, Google Earth, and bitcoin wallet Coinbase.

Meanwhile, the best app of the year is Socratic, a tutorial app that aims to help users with homework.

The best kids' apps for 2017 include Space for Kids, Kids Learn Languages, Miffy's World, and Pinkfong Shapes & Colors.

The editors consider Google's own Allo app to be one of the top "hidden gems", along with Socratic, Cornershop, Castbox, and Payit.

Slack is one of the top social apps, as are language partner exchange app Tandem, health app Strava, video editor app Like, and recipe app Cookpad.

The company has also revealed the top movies, songs and games of the year. Moana is the most downloaded film, while Nintendo'sSuper Mario Run is the top new game. Kendrick Lamar's 'Humble' is the top song, followed by Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You'.

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