Google search for super models

Google gets 'risque.'
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor
Google is a “no-show” at CES, fellow ZDNet blogger Garett Rogers reports. Not surprising; I often underscore how Google marches to its own beat, proudly and confidently.

The news this week is all CES, and MacWorld. Google CEO Eric Schmidt sits on the Board of Apple, but the Apple of his eye is of course Google.

Last week, I mused about how Google might start-off the new year with a “big” announcement. This week, I have been wondering if Google would attempt to trump CES and MacWorld with a “major” announcement.

January 9 and I am still looking forward to Google’s first "really big" news of the year. Google may be searching to breakthrough the CES and MacWorld "clutter," however, with a “provocative” announcement at its blog today.

In a “cheeky” style not typical for Google, it has taken to its blog to announce updates to Google Earth, Google SketchUp, and the 3D Warehouse, in a provocatively spun post: “Super models wanted”:

That’s right, Google is looking for the hottest models on the planet. They can come from any city in the world, and they can be any height, but they must be interesting to look at, well-made and lightweight.

While no Google Images of the “hottest models on the planet” are offered, Google cheerleads on, suggesting “Show the world what you’ve got!”

PS: Enjoy this Digital Markets super model image!

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