Google services back up - report

Google Apps, Gmail and Google Drive were hit with service disruptions.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

UPDATE: Following a service disruption earlier today that took down Google Drive, Google Apps, and Gmail, all three appear to be back in business according to CNET. Google's Apps Status Dashboard page shows all three as accessible, with comments that the problems should be resolved.

Google Apps email, Gmail and Google Drive are all suffering from service disruptions on Wednesday.

Twitter lit up with people complaining about various Google services being down. At CBS Interactive, where we run Google Apps, the search giant's services also turned up a server error.

According to Google's status page, Google Mail and Google Drive are having service disruptions.


Service appeared to be bouncing back somewhat. For instance, Google Apps was able to deliver email for me, but the calendar was unavailable. The return time wasn't encouraging. 



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