Google taps former VMware CEO to lead cloud businesses

As a side dish to the main news, Google is also acquiring a smaller company founded by its new cloud chief.

With shades of the recent Alphabet reorganization, Google is lining up its enterprise ducks in a row as it hands over the reins to one of the founders of one of the biggest companies in cloud tech.

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The Internet giant announced on Thursday afternoon that it has hired Diane Greene to lead a unified cloud arm, encompassing Google for Work, Cloud Platform, and Google Apps.

Greene was one of the co-founders of VMware, where she served as chief executive officer from 1998 to 2008. She has also served on Google's board of directors for three years.

As a side dish to the main news, Google is also acquiring a smaller company founded by Greene: Bebop, a development platform for building and managing enterprise applications.

Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed, but along with Greene, the Bebop team will join Google when the deal closes.

Google plans to integrate Bebop throughout several of its core products, including Android, Chromebooks, Gmail and Docs as well as enterprise staples such as Cloud Platform and developer frameworks for mobile and corporate customers.

Following some product upgrades and additions earlier this week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai hinted in a blog post on Thursday that there is more to come for Google's cloud department soon.

"This new business will bring together product, engineering, marketing and sales and allow us to operate in a much more integrated, coordinated fashion," Pichai wrote.