Google trumps Yahoo

The votes have been tallied: Check-out the results!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

It's official: Google over Yahoo, 2 to 1. Google is deemed to celebrate Halloween better than Yahoo. In a direct, logo to logo competition, Google's homepage Halloween design was favored by discriminating ZDNet readers over Yahoo's homepage Halloween design, with more than 500 votes tallied at this Digital Micro-Markets Blog!

Check out the competing logos at "Yahoo vs. Google: You decide!"

Google has not been given a resounding thumbs-up, however, for other designs which have surfaced at its homepage.

In "Google defiling homepage?" votes are being tallied for the "Google Homepage Promo Verdict":

Google can no longer hold up the vaunted, pristine Google homepage as virgin territory.

Google is selling out and selling its primo homepage real estate bigtime. Google apparently has had enough of subtle one-liners underneath the Google search box suggesting ever so gingerly to users that they ought to try out the latest Google product or service.

No, Google is taking a stand and standing up in particular for the Google Toolbar!

In "Google changing philosophy" I underscore the significance of Google's "tampering" with its homepage:

Google will undoubtedly attempt to downplay the significance of a Google self-promotional “defacement” of its “utterly simplistic” homepage with talk of how Google regularly “tests” its homepage.

Despite probable Google Speak, however, the so-called “test” speaks for itself:

The Google homepage interface is less clear and simple
The Google homepage may load less “instantly”
The Google Toolbar advertisement is a distraction
The Google Toolbar advertisement is flashy
The Google Toolbar advertisement interferes
The Google Toolbar advertisement is not identified as such

Google's "old-school" promo for its own product, test or not, marks a change in Google's "philosophy."

Google is also getting mixed reviews for its content strategy with YouTube. In "Will Google make YouTube legit?," voters are not convinced Google will go the "100% content owner approved route" with YouTube.


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