Google updates Trip Bundles for road warriors using Inbox

After holding off on switching to Google's Inbox app, the updated Trip Bundles feature may get me to switch: You can now easily share your travel plans with others.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Google may have given me another reason to use its Inbox app instead of Gmail: The company has improved its Trip Bundles functionality.

Trip Bundles for Inbox rolled out in June, but I stuck with my tried and true travel planner: TripIt. The main reason was that TripIt made it easier to share business trip information with my family so they'd easily know where I was at any given time. Now, Trip Bundles in Inbox are shareable with a single tap.

Google announced the new feature on Monday for Inbox users, saying the updates will roll out during this week.

Other nice additions include a way to add emails to a trip and view trip information offline; handy for places where connectivity is spotty, isn't compatible with your phone or simply costs too much while roaming.

Trip Bundles also support a better way to attach multiple photos from a phone using the Inbox app.

Much of the trip information should already be visible in Google Now, so if you're like me and haven't made the move to Inbox, you can still see relevant travel data on Google Now cards, get reminders for flights and so forth.

Still, I continue to hear more and more positive comments about Google Inbox and I have a few upcoming trips planned. Maybe it's time to give Inbox another look.

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