Google, Verizon CEOs: Why we like the FCC broadband plan

The CEOs of Google and Verizon tell WSJ readers why they like the FCC's National Broadband Plan,
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg apparently are fans of the FCC's National Broadband Plan.

The two co-wrote an opinion piece in today's Wall Street Journal that highlighted the three elements of the plan that they see as most worthy of attention by lawmakers, as well as private businesses.

  • Using the Internet to advance the fields of health care, education, job training and smart electricity are key - but it will take a commitment by government to set the policies that clear the way for advancement.
  • Advancing broadband networks - such as what Google is testing in the form of a ultra high-speed network - will require both private investment and partnerships between governments and private companies.
  • Broadening the reach of broadband to those without access can "help lift society by connecting minds, stimulating ideas, and unleashing the creative potential of millions of Americans."  The two call the government's focus on this front "extremely important."

With that said, neither is looking for government to get too deep into the workings of the Internet, noting that it "has thrived in an environment of minimal regulation."

It's funny that companies that "don't agree on every issue" both note that the one area where they are on the same page is how little government intervention they think there should be.

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