Google Voice: What if Google cancels Google Voice?

As our ongoing series, The Ultimate Google Voice Guide, continues, rumors fly about the end of Google Voice. If Google Voice ends, we'll help you find substitute solutions.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

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This is an unexpected update to our 14-article series on Google Voice. The rumors are circulating today that Google may either cancel Google Voice or merge the Google Voice functions into Hangouts.

Technology is always a moving target, and whether we rely on free services or services we pay for, there is always the chance a cherished service will go away. That, in fact, is one of the risks I outlined at the beginning of this series.

So here's how we'll continue. For now, we'll keep launching new articles in the series.

However, as a very active user of Google Voice, if the service goes away, I -- like millions of others -- will need a substitute solution. So, if the service goes away, this Ultimate Google Voice Guide will become the Ultimate Google Voice Replacement Guide and I'll put my attention directly into providing you alternative solutions for the Google Voice so many of us rely on today.

In the meantime, the series will continue with a new article tomorrow.

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