Google vs. Yahoo smackdown: Do you dare?

The Google Search Kingdom is feeling the competitive heat: Ask.com, Google competitor and partner, engaged in guerrilla search warfare in London, and number one search rival Yahoo is calling out “Dare to Compare!
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

The Google Search Kingdom is feeling the competitive heat: Ask.com, Google competitor and partner, engaged in guerrilla search warfare in London, and number one search rival Yahoo is calling out “Dare to Compare!” us against Google in Mobile Search!

YAHOO, in its own Mobile Search words:

Finally mobile search that works! Yahoo! oneSearch is now available for internet—enabled phones. oneSearch results are delivered to you in a new, breakthrough format that redefines search for the mobile phone. It’s all about getting instant answers with just one click—no need to sift through a bunch of links to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Looking for a new camera? oneSearch gives you what you need to make the best choice including product reviews, images of different models and where to buy. Tracking a hot stock? oneSearch gives you the important info you need to stay up to date including stock quotes, company news and the latest products.

oneSearch results are easy to read, scroll through, and expand when you want more information—like more images to view—with a single click. You don’t have to “feel lucky” to be lucky every time with oneSearch! Find practically anything. Yahoo oneSearch gets you the answers you seek for just about anything you need: driving directions, maps, movie showtimes, sports, upcoming events, news, weather, celebrities, images, shopping—you name it.

And, oneSearch gives you results based on where you are. For instance, searching for a movie title will give you local theaters and showtimes. Searching for a city name will give you the latest weather, traffic reports, local news and more for that city.

GOOGLE, in its own (new) Mobile Search words:

Get the information you care about, right from your homepage. Ranging from movie listings to stock-market updates to website feeds or news snippets, these gadgets can be added with a simple click. You can then reorder, replace, or modify your gadgets however you like.

Get the answer you want with an absolute minimum of clicks. No one likes having to click on link after link to get the information they need. With our new mobile search UI, you'll never be more than a click or two away from the answer that you're after. One of the ways we've made this possible is to remember your recent search locations to serve relevant local results in subsequent searches—no need to retype the location every time; just select your location from the dropdown menu. Once you've entered a location, try searching for [movies] to see top movies playing in your area. Clicking on one of those movies directs you straight to the movie showtimes; one more click and you can even purchase tickets.

Yahoo also seeks to one-up Google on the mobile advertising front, announcing today Yahoo Mobile Publisher Services:

A suite of services designed to enable publishers to increase the discovery, distribution and monetization of their content on mobile phones. The new services publishers will have access to are the Yahoo Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Content Engine, Mobile Media Directory and Mobile Site Submit.

The Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network will allow mobile publishers to have syndicated advertising served on their mobile content and services. Publishers will be able to select the ad formats they want to have run, such as display, sponsored links, video or in-game placements.

Launch partners in the Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network include MobiTV, the global leader in mobile and broadband television and music services, Opera, the leading provider of Web browsers for mobile devices, and go2, the leading location-enabled mobile content network in the U.S. The first advertisements will go live in the second quarter of 2007. Yahoo! has established a leadership position in global mobile advertising and is already working with advertisers, publishers and operators to create new revenue streams. In February 2007, Yahoo! launched its mobile display advertising platform on its Yahoo! Mobile Web service in 19 countries. In October 2006, the company also launched search advertisements in beta in the U.S. and U.K.

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