Google will now guarantee some flight prices and pay you back if it's wrong

Here are all of Google's new travel tools and how they can help you plan your next vacation.
Written by Jada Jones, Associate Editor
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Planning a vacation can be a fun and exciting experience. But sometimes, using Google to find flights, lodging, and activities can lead to tons of open tabs and massive confusion. To alleviate the headache this tedious task can cause, Google announced a new way to use its search engine for all your travel needs.

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In Google's new update, users can more easily browse hotels, compare flight prices, and find new adventures to take on. Here are all of Google's new travel tools and how they can help you plan your next vacation.

Flight prices

Plane ticket prices depend on several factors, like the day of the week, your destination, and upcoming holidays. Some people like buying plane tickets months in advance to take advantage of lower prices, while others want to wait until a better deal comes up.

To help solve this problem, Google Flights now has price guarantees for flights in the U.S. If a flight has a guaranteed price badge next to its price, that means Google believes the price will stay the same until the flight is scheduled to take off.

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If the flight's price does decrease before you're scheduled to leave, Google will reimburse you the difference via Google Pay. This feature is only available for Book on Google itineraries that depart from the U.S.

Hotel browsing

Google can help you find a hotel with the right price, ratings, and location that you're looking for. But it can be a hassle to use Google to find hotels on your phone, so Google came up with a solution. 

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Instead of clicking on a hotel you're interested in and being redirected to a new tab, Google will redirect you to view hotels in your desired location in a swipeable story format. And instead of seeing details about the hotel's location or reviews in a new tab, those details are available in one tap. To keep looking at other options, swipe up.

Finding a new activity

When you're visiting a new city for fun, it's paramount that you see the city's most notable tourist attractions. On the other hand, some people are more interested in visiting the most obscure attractions a city offers. Either way, Google offers a better method to discover your next outing.

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When you search a city's attractions or tour company on Google Maps or Search, their prices and a link to its booking site will appear on their Google listing. Plus, if you're looking for multiple things to do, Google will suggest related attractions and experiences for you to try.

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