Google's expanded text ad beta goes live

Google is giving marketers more characters for headlines and descriptions in the same amount of real estate. AdWords updated dashboards for those in the beta.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google's beta for expanded text ads has gone live and the experiment and how companies are chosen by vertical are interesting talking points to ponder.

Search Engine Land in April reported that AdWords is experimenting with expanded ads now that the right side of the results page isn't being used. The idea is that AdWords will give you more copy in the same real estate.

The expanded ads were in a closed beta and it's unclear how many companies were in it. One thing is certain though: The new ads will improve quality score for marketers in the rollout. Cost per click will also rise if one player in an industry is in the beta and rival isn't.

After all, the new format gives you 30 characters for the first headline, another 30 for the second and 80 characters for the description.

In any case, here's what marketers in the beta would see in their dashboard.

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