Google's ominous homepage New Year's countdown

Google's homepage has an ominous looking countdown, seemingly ending on the stroke of midnight on New Year's day. Is it just an innocent prank, though?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Google's .com homepage is baffling me. I rarely use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button but today I did to see if this age old joke still existed.

Instead I came across an ominous, Easter egg-like countdown which is slowly ticking downwards from one and a half million presumably towards zero.

The countdown ticks down every second, and through the help of an online time converter, it seems to be counting down to the stroke of midnight on New Years Day, signalling the start of 2010.

But Google have never done this before. Why a countdown now? Is it counting down towards not only the most obvious event of New Year's but perhaps something new? Could the stroke of midnight be the smoke signal for something new, daunting and devious for the company?

Even though the company has a long history of pranks up its sleeve already, according to the Telegraph, but this blogger suspects it may well just be a simple countdown to the start of the new year.

We shall soon see, anyway. Feel free to throw in your own conspiracy theories, you crazy people.

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