Google's YouTube app gone from Apple iOS 6: A separation too far?

Apple and Google are headed in opposite mobile directions. The two parties are barely frenemies now.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple's license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended so now you'll have to either use Google's video service through a browser or separate application. A mountain or a molehill?

It has been clear for months that Apple and Google have been headed in opposite directions. The two parties are barely frenemies when it comes to mobile devices.

I welcome the split and hope it accelerates. Let's get this mobile divorce over already. Why? I'm dying to see if anyone notices.

Sure, YouTube embedded in iOS was nice, but not a must have. Maybe 3D maps from Google weren't missed either.

But at some point Apple will drop a Google-fueled service that will matter. Google services on Android will simply be embedded better and deliver a game-changing experience.

And at that point things will get really interesting. Apple will eventually replace Google's iOS tools completely. Google will continue on with Android.

Smartphone buyers will ultimately make a choice. Either Google integration matters or it doesn't. Will you be an Android loyalist or rest with Apple's iOS? At some point, the two sides will become very clear.


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