GreenRope tackles optimizing marketing campaigns for SMBs

GreenRope aims to help the SMB market optimize better marketing campaigns with CRM integration for customer service ticketing systems and track where leads come from.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

GreenRope, a cloud-based and integrated software platform provider, is rolling out two new services for small to medium businesses looking to generate and better serve their customer bases.
Generating targeting marketing campaigns is not easy for any business -- and certainly not for smaller businesses with tighter budgets.
The first product is the Attribution Model, which allows SMBs to develop budgets based on more realistic values and run more balanced, optimized marketing campaigns.
The Attribution Model tracks a company's digital marketing channels by automatically measuring lead sources and websites correlated to contacts in said company’s CRM system. Businesses can track inbound clicks and conversations across channels, including paid and organic search, display ads, and mobile placements.
Some of the potential benefits, GreenRope boasts, include insight into analytics across an organization with integrated results as it ties into all CRM contacts.
By building, customizing, and comparing models, GreenRope says that SMBs will have better visibility into the impact of various marketing programs as they work to drive sales and conversions.
The second release is GreenRope's new customer service ticketing platform, designed to enable customers to create a customized landing page that allows a company to link to it from their website. Clients fill out a ticket regarding a grievance, sales, or service request and it gets sent to a group of individuals inside of a GreenRope account.
This product also involves CRM integration so that employees within that GreenRope account can look up a specific contact for referrals as well as view tickets and see how those issues were resolved.
GreenRope’s pricing plans start at $25 per month.

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