GrooveMaker is a loop junkie dream come true

Groovemaker is an amazing app that turns the iPhone or iPod into a portable 8-track loop machine. Unlike other apps, it's not complicated and you can sound like a pro DJ with little to no instruction.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

http://mobilenewz.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/iphone-GrooveMaker1.jpgGroovemaker is one of my favorite new iPhone apps. It's an 8-track loop machine that comes preloaded with five songs and hundreds of loops that you can remix into unlimited unique jams.

Start by tapping the "random" button in the upper right, then tap on each of the eight pads in the center and swap out loops for each. Each loop is dropped exactly on beat and the music never stops. You can perform an entire set with just one of the included songs, thanks to the high-quality seamless loops.

If you prefer to start from scratch just pick a drum beat, add a bass riff and some effect loops and you're up and running in seconds. The best part is that you can experiment with hundreds of loops and change the tempo with no stop to the music. You can even mute, solo and control the volume and pan or each individual pad. It's really quite impressive.

When you're done with your masterpiece you can save it all as a new remix and export it on your Mac/PC for your own compositions, compilations or video soundtracks. The pop-up reminders to join their Facebook group, enter contests, etc. at launch are a minor annoyance but it's otherwise an amazing app that allows anyone to be a remix DJ – instantly.

(Headphones or powered speakers are highly recommended as the teeny speaker in the iPhone and iPod touch simply doesn't do the app justice.)

Eight Grovemaker Packs are available including Hip-Hop, House, Trance and Club ranging from $5 to $10 and a free version is available that you can try before you buy.

If you're going to be in Fort Lauderdale, Florida tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 20) you need to stop by the iPDJ event at Voodoo Lounge to see history being made as DJs battle with Groovemaker on their iPhones/iPods. DJ Chris Domingo, DJ Scratch-D and DJ Speechless will be in the house shredding it up on their iPhones.

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