Grooveshark outsmarts app stores thanks to HTML5

Once again, HTML5 proves to be the most obvious yet reliable option for companies looking to get on mobile devices and not deal with app store entanglements.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Grooveshark looks to have the last laugh when it comes to being banned from both the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.

The digital music service is getting back on smartphones and tablets and into the mobile app game once again as it has developed an HTML5-based app for mobile browsers.

All one has to do is point the mobile browser (even Safari) to Grooveshark's new mobile page, and the platform is currently fashioned in a very simple, but easy to navigate layout.

For reference, the desktop version of Grooveshark runs on Flash -- and we all know that simply wasn't going to work on iOS devices without help from other apps.

Thus, HTML5 was really the only option left for Grooveshark, and even other businesses that want to optimize their content for mobile devices but don't meet the requirements of an app store. Grooveshark was removed from iTunes and the Android Market for failing to police itself for content infringement.

Nevertheless, although there is still plenty of demand for iOS and Android-optimized apps, Grooveshark is just yet another example of a major media company refusing to give into app store regulations or just avoiding them all together.

Recent examples of companies favoring HTML5, for various reasons, include Foursquare, The Financial Times, and Salesforce.com.


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