GSM Windows Mobile Treo joins thumb keyboard crowd

The Palm Treo 750v is now official and will be sold soon from Vodafone in select European countries. The Windows Mobile Treo is now going global and it will be interesting to see if Europe embraces the Treo form factor with a new operating system.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Back in July, Palm, Microsoft, and Vodafone announced that a new Treo would be coming before the end of 2006. Very few details were provided about this new device, but yesterday Palm officially announced the Treo 750v. The Treo 750v confirmed specifications include Windows Mobile 5.0 with MSFP/AKU2 update for Direct Push email support, 3G/UMTS radio, 1.3 megapixel camera, miniSD expansion slot and integrated Bluetooth. Palm will continue to enhance the Windows Mobile experience with their software customization that now includes an updated SMS/MMS application that is similar to the Palm OS experience with a "virtual chat" threading functionality. I understand that Palm may also issue this as a software update for Treo 700w and Treo 700wx owners in the future.

As a previous long-time, at least from an enthusiasts perspective, Treo 650 user I am excited that a GSM version of the Windows Mobile Treo is now being launched since that should mean we'll see one in the U.S. when the 3G networks are a bit more established in 2007. However, the field of competitors for the QWERTY thumb keyboard user is also becoming quite crowded so the Treo isn't the only show in town like it really was a couple years ago, for those that did not want a BlackBerry device.

Editor's Note: At the CTIA show, CNET gets its hands the Treo 750v. [Play Video]

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