Guangzhou, China wins sustainable transport prize

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy named Guangzhou, China the winner of its sustainable transport prize.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy on Monday named Guangzhou, China the winner of its sustainable transport prize.

The international non-profit organization, which works with municipalities to reduce waste and improve quality of life, named Guangzhou winner because of its bike-sharing program, wide bicycle lanes and extensive bus system that links with the city's rail network.

Josie Garthwaite reports for National Geographic:

Guangzhou clinched the prize, said Jessica Morris, senior program director for ITDP, largely because it surpassed expectations. The bus rapid transit system, which opened in February 2010, "carries an awful lot of people," as many as 800,000 a day, she said, making it one of the world's largest. Perhaps more importantly, the new bus system "hooks up seamlessly" with rail as well as "idyllic" bicycle paths and bike-sharing stations, and helps to make the city "more livable."

Simply, Guangzhou serves as an example that the growth of Chinese cities isn't improving only the economy.

Part of the drive to clean up its systems: Guangzhou hosted the 16th annual Asian Games in November.

Guangzhou won over fellow nominees León, Guanajuato, Mexico; Lima, Peru; Nantes, France; and Tehran, Iran.

The award was previously awarded to Ahmadabad, India; New York City in the U.S.; Paris, France; Guayaquil, Ecuador; Seoul, South Korea; and Bogotá, Colombia.

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