Hacker scores by posting East Anglia global warming emails

Hacker takes email files from East Anglia University and posts them online: the subject is global warming.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

A thousand files have been hacked at a British climate study center, and then posted on a Russian Internet server for public access. That server was quickly shut down but parts of the stolen files have been spread on blogs and other websites. East Anglia admits the theft and re-posting but has not confirmed all the material is genuine. There are the equivalent of thousands of pages of text and emails.

A right-wing British newspaper has published a blog praising the hacking and release of emails from a British university's climate change science program. There are now claims that this is "climategate," that "warmists" conspired to hide data and rig research conclusions. All this, say those who claim to have access to these files, expose the global warming scientists as liars.

Here's some of the background: the files allegedly all come from University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit.

That is not an irrelevant place, East Anglia. A researcher there is famous for coming up with the famous temperature climb hockey stick graph. That graph has come under continued attack from global warming doubters. It was featured by Al Gore in his global warming film.

The hacked East Anglia files are being loudly touted by the "don't-blame-me" folks, those who deny humans are to blame for any of the melting ice sheets, if you even want to believe that ice is melting when you can't see it yourself.

An American climate scientist says this theft is probably aimed at discrediting climate science prior to next month's Copenhagen climate change talks.

Meanwhile a criminal investigation is underway to find the hacker. FOR MORE INFOMATION, MY NEXT BLOG ON THIS MATTER. [poll id="198"]

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