Hackers watching Big Brother

Intel suspect a 'denial of access' hacker attack could have been the reason for technical teething problems on Big Brother's Web site, says source
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

ZDNet UK News has learnt that hackers are on a list of suspected reasons behind disruption to Channel 4's Big Brother Web site.

A source says Intel suspects a "denial of access" hacking attack on the Big Brother Web site although it is reluctant to go on the record. Intel's computers host the Web site which has faced massive traffic since its launch last week.

A spokesperson for Intel admits there was a "service slow-down and so [Intel] has increased the capacity supporting the site". It confirms it "is monitoring all access to the site" to combat potential hacking exploits.

The Big Brother site went live last Friday, and since its launch has received more than seven and a half million visitors. Despite Channel Four's expectations of receiving at least five million hits each day, Intel were unprepared for what they have described as "the heaviest load any server facility has ever had in this country".

The Web site received a phenomenal 500,000 visits following Tuesday night's television broadcast with upto 10,000 emails a minute for members of the team.

Channel Four viewers will be given another peek through the Big Brother surveillance cameras tonight at 10:55pm. "I'm crossing my fingers," says Morgan Holt, editor of the Big Brother Web site -- "the guys here are working out new technical configurations to solve any problems with traffic."

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