Hacking 101

British university offers course in ethical hacking, with an aim towards graduating experts who can beat back the bad hackers.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

In what must be a first at any university, Scotland's Dundee's Abertay University is offering Britain's first degree in computer hacking, reports The Scottish Daily Record

The "ethical hacker" course at will teach students how to find passwords and log-ins and bring down systems. The aim is to produce hackers to beat computer criminals who cost British firms £10billion last year.

In drumming up suport for his controversial class, Professor Professor Lachlan McKinnon said, "If you want to be secure, disconnect your PC now. If someone wanted to steal your money, your identity, your house, they could do it. We will monitor students closely because we want them to become ethical hackers. But there is no guarantee."

The course has it caused some fears that is could create more criminals than it deters. Presumably, a course in hacking will better enable Scotland yard to keep an eye on those who graduate.

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