Handheld-based GPS navigation

Fed up with getting lost? Don't trust human map-readers? Why not add a GPS receiver to your handheld? Here's a round-up of recent reviews.
Written by Charles McLellan, Senior Editor
Handheld owners can do a lot of things with their devices, but one of the most interesting and useful is to attach a GPS receiver, load up some route-finding software and some maps, and have it guide you on your journeys.

A number of add-on solutions are now available, for both Palm OS and Pocket PC handhelds, while Garmin has just released the first handheld -- a Palm OS 5 device – with an integrated GPS receiver. We have reviewed a fair number of these handheld-based GPS solutions, and round them up here for your perusal. If you're a regular business traveller, or you don't want to get lost on your holidays, check out these products.
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