Hard disk upgrades

Sooner or later, you always need more storage. Check out our eight-product group test to see which internal and external hard disks we recommend.

Hard disk storage, like memory, is something you can never have enough of -- after all, just loading Windows and Office takes care of several gigabytes. But there's more than one way of boosting your hard disk capacity: internal or external, Ultra-ATA or SCSI, USB or FireWire? We've collected eight hard disks that comprise a mixture of capacities, form factors and interfaces, to give you an idea of the range of options on offer. We've also selected two Editors' Choices, one internal and one external. The good news is, you can add serious amounts of storage to your system for relatively little outlay per gigabyte, as the chart below makes clear.

Now read the reviews to get the details on the benefits and drawbacks of each solution.