HDS delivers 2PB in mid-range network storage

Hitachi Data Systems launches two new NAS devices built on BlueArc hardware, offering a maximum capacity of up to two petabytes
Written by Manek Dubash, Contributor

Hitachi Data Systems has launched two mid-range network attached storage devices with capacities of up to two petabytes.

Applications for the NAS 3080 and NAS 3090 include primary and secondary backup, restore, archiving and disaster-recovery storage, the company said in its announcement on Tuesday.

The network attached storage (NAS) devices also offer policy-driven hierarchical storage management, which enables users to move data automatically across storage tiers via Fibre Channel, SAS or Sata, based on pre-set policies. Users can also search for content across storage silos and then use these search results to trigger data movement.

In addition, the products allow virtualised versions of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Oracle and other software to store application and database data such as log files and snapshots.

The 3080's maximum capacity is 1PB, and it can scale to two nodes per cluster, while the 3090 scales to 2PB, and four nodes per cluster.

The 3U rack-mounted 3080 and 3090 compete with EMC's Celerra NS40G and NS480, and with NetApp's FAS 3160 and 3170 respectively. Prices for a typical configuration are about £60,000 for the 3080 with 10TB, and about £75,000 for the 3090 with similar specs.

Partner BlueArc will build the NAS hardware. HDS signed a  five-year OEM agreement with BlueArc in December 2006 and has invested an unspecified amount in the company. For the hardware, HDS provides features such as management software, storage cooling, quick snapshot and restore, and file system rollback.

"The new products give us a one-stop solution, as customers don't like building jigsaws with third-party products. And the software allows us to integrate into enterprise management systems with a single console interface," HDS's European solutions manager Lynn Collier said.

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