"He only returned to the party because he thought he had forgotten his hat"

It's Quotes of the Week...
Written by Jon Bernstein, Contributor

It's Quotes of the Week...

The pick of the week's quotes: I was working for a French electronics company in Telford when my boss took a call: "You know these computer viruses? Can humans catch them?" This came from a department whose manager left the office Christmas party and forgot his wife. He only returned to the party because he thought he had forgotten his hat.
A silicon.com reader
See: 'More helpdesk howlers' http://www.silicon.com/a55239 "There does have to be some kind of a public message that stealing is stealing is stealing."
John Malcolm, a deputy assistant attorney general
See: 'Peer-to-peer pirates face prosecution' http://www.silicon.com/a55212 "I'm worried that just as clothes dryers have the knack of making socks disappear, the federal government has discovered a core competency of losing computers."
US Senator Chuck Grassley
See: 'Lost laptops drive US senator to despair' http://www.silicon.com/a55156 "The vast potential of broadband has so far benefited nobody as clearly as it's benefited downloaders of pornography and pirates of digital content."
Peter Chernin, president, News Corp
See: 'Internet a "moral-free zone", warns Murdoch man' http://www.silicon.com/a55232 "The IT sector is not going anywhere. There seems to be a lot of proof of concept stuff going on, lots of excitement about the new products but nobody is writing the cheques. So one could be really fooled by the level of pipe-line activity going on."
John Chen, CEO, Sybase
See: 'The IT sector is going nowhere' http://www.silicon.com/a
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