Hello, I'm a Cloud... and I'm Enterprise Software

If the same agency that creates the 'I'm a Mac-I'm a PC' commercials were charged with selling cloud, here's what would result.
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

Okay, we all know cloud computing has plenty of issues and risks, but as far as perceptions go, it definitely has the “cool” factor these days. So just imagine if the same advertising agency that created the "I'm a Mac-I'm a PC" commercials for Apple were charged with selling cloud computing.

I ran the script over at Insurance Networking News last week, and thought I'd share it here as well.

You probably know the storyline by now for the Apple commercials -- the uptight, fuddy-duddy PC guy trying to stop people from moving from Windows to Mac.  In a cloud commercial, the cool, laid-back Mac dude would likely be the “Cloud” guy in this case, and the uptight PC guy—shown to be bedeviled by bugs and problems—would be the equivalent of the “Enterprise Software” guy.

Such a commercial would probably go something like this:

Cloud dude: Hello, I'm a Cloud.

Enterprise suit: And hello, I'm Enterprise Software. (Struggling with three huge suitcases)

Cloud dude: Enterprise, what do you have in those bags? They look heavy.

Enterprise suit: These? Oh this is all the baggage I bring along with me to customer sites. You know, up-front licensing costs, upgrades, service packs, installation kits, extra hardware, extra disks; you know, all the stuff that I need to set up at a customer site.

Cloud dude: You need a hand with that? You know, I don't really need any of that when I go to customers—I travel pretty light. (Extends both free hands to offer assistance)

Enterprise suit: No, no, I'll be fine. I'll just ... (Starts walking, falls over, flat on the floor, baggage landing on top of him, rumpling his suit.) Besides, my customers always know to keep a spare room open for all of my baggage when I arrive.

Cloud dude:  (Shrugs and smiles.)

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