HELLO introduces voice-controlled videoconferencing and security surveillance device

HELLO transforms any TV into the 'ultimate cross-platform communication device' for work and home.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

With the explosion in apps and devices, current collaboration tools are becoming more disconnected and complex. It is hard to get connected.

HELLO introduces voice controlled videoconferencing and security surveillance device ZDNet

Los Angeles-based software company Solaborate reckons it has designed a "unique and powerful solution" that combines hardware and software to "break collaboration barriers in your office or home".

Its HELLO device will extend technology by creating a 'productive' space. The company hopes that work and home can then "co-exist seamlessly".

The device plugs into your TV via HDMI. Use the HELLO app to scan the QR code with the HELLO camera and start to collaborate.

It works with Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, web, and TVs with the HELLO device.

The device has four microphones, a 4K video sensor, and a quad core processor. It also has a Wi-Fi connection and voice command controls.

It features both a built-in accelerometer and tilting 130-degree wide-angle lens. It has been designed to ensure easy setup on any TV and the image captured is of the highest quality possible.

You can join a video conference call from any device and then transfer it to the HELLO by swiping. You can add others to the call.

You can also use voice to call from one HELLO to another. You can wirelessly share files to any device. You can broadcast from device to device, or by using the Solaborate collaboration platform to upload your broadcasts.

The Los Angeles-based software company was founded in 2012. Solaborate was initially a professional networking service for the tech industry. The platform has evolved into an expansion of collaboration opportunities and tools for professionals across all industries.

The HELLO can act as a remote surveillance unit, sending alerts when you are not home. You can even use the TV to talk to your dog when you are away, or use it to monitor your children.

Founder & CEO Labinot Bytyqi said that the device combines hardware and software to "break collaboration barriers in your office or home". He claims that HELLO is the "most advanced all-in-one videoconferencing and collaboration platform ever created".

The product has smashed its Kickstarter targets and is currently over 600 percent funded with over a month remaining on the campaign. The HELLO will ship to backers in December 2016. All backers will get unlimited lifetime use of HELLO at no cost.

Bytyqi said "We didn't see anything else better on the market and decided to create it ourselves. HELLO is for the people, at an affordable price point -- built for modern businesses, professionals, freelancers and creators.

It cuts out the cost of networked conferencing hardware and IT services to install and maintain it. We're truly bringing professional-grade video conferencing to everyone, anywhere, on any device."

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