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Hera talking smart bra makes workouts more effective

Hera is a smart sports bra wearable that captures your biometric data to understand your body activity during workouts. It then generates a coaching program to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor
Hera talking bra helps to train workouts more effectively ZDNet
Hera Training

Lyon, France based Hera Training has created a smart coaching bra which creates personalized workouts by gathering personal biometric data from multiple sensors.

It is the result of three years of work between professional sports coaches and womenswear designer Millesia. The company claims that the device has been "adapted to women's morphology with a coach adapted to women's physiology".

Woven sensors in the bra are fitted in the elastic band in the bra. The connected device captures your heart rate (HR), speed, distance, travelled, calories burned, your body position, GPS, difference in altitude, workout intensity and training impulse (TRIMP).

The company says that the bra with sensor abilities provides better accuracy than wrist wearable HR monitors or other HR devices.

As ECG captures used in medicine are always done on the chest to capture high-quality data a smart bra makes sense. The chest sits at the center of gravity to analyse precise body motion.

It gets to know you from the inside by tapping into your biometric data. It then designs workouts that are perfectly suited to your needs, something a human coach cannot do.

Unlike other fitness apps on the market such as Runkeeper, Myfitnesspal, or Nike training, the Hera interprets the data to coach you in real time. It then offers you a variety of workout sessions, designed for you.

The bra, Hera named for the Greek goddess of women, coaches you by talking to you while you train. It gives you workout videos that teach you the right moves, and gives you specific advice so that you can train smarter.

Phrases such as "great job, keep going, you are nearly there", "just two more minutes and you are done for the day" or "go faster for the next 300 yards" keep you going throughout your exercise.

Connect the training device to the sports bra and configure the settings on the app.

There are options to drop a dress size, lose body fat, flatten your belly, get stronger, run a marathon, or run faster.

The app asks you how many times you want to practice per week and the duration of your planned workout.

The app then creates a personal challenge timeline based on the data it collects. It tells you when you need to work out and when to rest.

When you start the workout, the app adapts to your physical abilities and modifies the training as you workout.

Plug your headset in and the app will talk to you as you train hands free.

At the end of the workout, the app will give you data on how your workout went. The more you train, the smarter the app is.

The wearable has launched a campaign on Kickstarter and is a third of the way towards its campaign goal.

Anything that goes beyond the usual fitness bands or watches is certainly a concept that will pave the way for the new suite of wearables.

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