Here are THE 13 AT&T Store iPhone Objection-Response scripts

If you are in an AT&T Mobility Store tomorrow night or sometime thereafter, and toss a loaded question or objection to the rep about iPhone- well I am here to tell you EXACTLY what they are going to say.Or are supposed to say.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

If you are in an AT&T Mobility Store tomorrow night or sometime thereafter, and toss a loaded question or objection to the rep about iPhone- well I am here to tell you EXACTLY what they are going to say.

Or are supposed to say.

How do I know this?

Ace scoopster Boy Genius has somehow gotten hold of AT&T Mobility's 65-page iPhone Launch Training Participant Guide.

I've pored through it, and have gathered the 13 "Objection" (that might be you)- "Response" scenarios the AT&T Mobility store personnel are supposed to have mastered by the sales time of 6 p.m. tomorrow.

Here they are:

Objection-I’ll just do the credit check at home, I don’t have time for you to run my credit right now.

Response- I certainly understand being pressed for time. However, completing a Pre-Approved credit check is quick and could save you even more time later. If you are required to pay a deposit you will not be able to proceed with the iTunes activation process until you come into the store to pay the deposit, which means a second trip. Plus, completing the credit check now expedites the iTunes activation process! The Pre-Approved credit check will take only a few minutes of your time, and it may save you money as well if credit issues arise.

Objection- I can’t believe you expect me to pay a deposit in addition to the cost of the iPhone.

Response- I understand, however this is a small price to pay considering all that you will gain from iPhone. As well, if you have a good payment history with us for twelve consecutive months you will receive your deposit back in full.

Objection- I don’t understand why my iPod accessories won’t work. Why do I need to buy new accessories?

Response- Some of your accessories may work fine. However, wireless service interacts differently with electronic devices, sometimes causing interference. The “Works with iPhone accessories are designed with this in mind.”

Objection- I can’t believe I will have to pay a re-stocking fee if I want to bring the iPhone back.

Response-I certainly understand so let’s make sure your purchase today is what you want. I will complete a Pre-Approved credit check to ensure there is no deposit required.

Objection- Why can’t I just use my existing SIM card with my contacts already on it?

Response- iPhone will not recognize your contacts directly from your existing SIM, but I assure you that we have several options to help you successfully complete this one time transfer.

Objection- (if iPhone out of stock at the AT&T Mobility Store)- Why should I pay for the iPhone now, when I don’t know when I’ll receive it?

Response- Placing an iPhone order today gives you priority when new inventory arrives. Furthermore, your credit card will not be charged until your iPhone ships, so you will be able to delay payment until that happens.”

Objection-I don’t think this option will work for me; I am never home and will not be available to sign for the delivery.

Response- That will not be a problem; you can authorize me to ship it directly to another location other than your home address – perhaps your office? That will not be a problem; you can authorize me to ship it directly to our store. When it arrives you will be contacted via email to come and pick it up within 7 days.” (this response not applicable for Kiosks or West Region locations), Hmm, I wonder why the West Region?-Russ

Objection- Is there a discount with the plan?

Response- No, discounts are not available, but when you think about it, the iPhone is a fair value at the current price. It is an exciting device that combines 3 great devices into one. It’s a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and it gives you the Internet in your pocket. Let’s try and figure what it would cost to purchase separately the various things found in iPhone. The mot popular iPod is a 4GB model that sells for $199. An average smartphone costs about $299 with a two-year service agreement. So for just those two devices you’re up to the same amount as an iPhone. And that’s without figuring in the all of the things that make the iPhone special like its widescreen display with touch controls, Visual Voicemail, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and desktop-class applications. When you look at it this way for the same price as a separate iPod and smartphone, the iPhone provides much more value.”

Objection- Can’t you just open a box and show me one?

Response- No, I am sorry I cannot. Once it is opened the device is considered used and I will not be able to sell it.

Objection- Why don’t you have a demo phone?

Response- We will receive our demo units once our display arrives. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and we can review the iPhone demo on-line – the flash demos are really good and informative.”

Objection-I already have a wireless router, why do I need your device?

Response- With AT&T’s Wireless gateway, you can replace two separate devices with one box, giving you the modem and router all in one.

Objection- I have experienced weak wireless signals in some remote part of my home.

Response- With the Wireless gateway, there are three internal antennas giving you better reception than any other router on the market for consumers.

Objection- I don’t need the Wi-Fi experience, my iPhone operates on EDGE.

Response-While you are correct on the EDGE operations, utilizing your Wi-Fi network at home and out at other locations will give you broadband speeds. This allows your access to movies, emails, music and more to be much faster and a much better user experience. And, iPhone will prefer and search for Wi-Fi first before the EDGE network.

So there!

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