Here are the best apps on Android, according to Google

From indie developers to VR apps, there's a little bit of everything in Google Play Awards 2017.

Does your company even need Android apps now thanks to Instant Apps? Google is opening up its Instant App platform to all developers and embedding it into Android O -- the latest version of the mobile operating systems. With the move, Google is likely to give business tech decision-makers a bit more to think about.

As Google I/O 2017 nears an end, Android developers gathered on Thursday night for the Google Play Awards 2017 ceremony.

The Play Awards 2017 finalists consist of a total of 57 apps across 12 categories. Apps span various categories from Standout Startup to Best Android Wear app.

A list of the finalists, along with the winners, can be found in the Play Store.

So, who won? Let's take a look:

Google, Inc.

Except for a couple of the apps above, I've never used or even heard of most of the winners. But you can bet I will be trying them now.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners.