Here is how you can create your Instagram end-of-year recap reel

Instagram unveiled its new 2022 end-of-year recap template, which is a big shift from last year's.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Image: Instagram

Instagram joins the end-of-year review craze with its very own 2022 Recap Reels. On Monday, Instagram announced a reels template that allows users to upload clips of their year, which the app then packages into a reel with celebrity narrations.  

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The narrations include voiceovers from artists Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled and Badshah, as well as Stranger Things actress Priah Ferguson. The narrations feature brief sounds of celebrity voices reminiscing about 2022. 

To create your reel, all you have to do is wait until the "Create your 2022 recap reel" banner shows up on your homepage, or go to reels and select any of the recap templates. Once you select your template you can upload your media, and you will have your shareable reel.

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The reels vary in length depending on what celebrity's template you click on. Bad Bunny's is the longest template, which lets you add up to 21 media clips. DJ Khaled's and Badshah's templates are the shortest, allowing up to 15 clips, and Ferguson's is right in the middle, with a max of 17 clips. 

This new format is a shift from "Instagram Playback," which was the app's attempt at a year-end review last year. With Instagram Playback, the app would automatically create a story highlight with 10 of your story posts from the year. Then users had the chance to review the story highlight, and add and remove clips. Once finalized, users could share the highlight reel with their followers on their story. 

This year, Instagram chose to move the recap feature from Stories to Reels, in an effort to continue to ramp up short-form video content on its platform.

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This shift means that the recap will no longer be automatically created for users. The shift also means that users will no longer have the option to temporarily share the recap on their story, but will have to commit to having it be a part of their feed. 

In addition to creating your Instagram recap, you can access personalized end-of-year stats through Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay, Duolingo, Reddit, McDonald's, YouTube, Hulu, Snapchat, Strava, and more. 

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