Here's my idea for Google Phone GUI: opening screen with these six function boxes

There's lots of talk about an impending Google Phone. One meme says it is coming within a month.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

There's lots of talk about an impending Google Phone. One meme says it is coming within a month.

As someone who has used - and written about- smartphones for several years, I think I have a good idea of how a Google Phone GUI ought to be laid out.

First of all, the device needs to be a smartphone. That's because I'd think a primary driver for such a product would be a way to access Google's impressive suite of tools while (well, duh) mobile.

I'd envision a trackball-navigation system with a main landing screen where six key functionalities would share the screen. These functionalities would be depicted in clickable boxes that would enable direct access to these functions.

IMHO these six clickable boxes would be:

Make A Call- With a blank form where you would enter the phone number you would want to call. You would enter the phone number from an on-device, rather than an iPhone-like, in-device, keypad.

Search The Web- Somewhere, I heard that Google offers search. The second of the six boxes should be thusly named, with two smaller boxes with search fields labeled. Search The Web and Search the Mobile Web.

GoogleDocs- The third of these six screens would offer access to GoogleDocs. Each Google Doc application (such as, say, Writely) would be accessible via smaller icons in the GoogleDocs screen.

Send A Message- This fourth box would contain a box with fields where you would enter the address info of one or more SMS recipients, as well as the message for that recipient.

GMail- How about the fifth box being  one  that would provide for instant e-mail checking. Something like "Check Your Gmail." This box would also have smaller icons that when clicked on, would provide you access to Gmail's Inbox, Sent, Outbox, and of course, Compose functions. Click one of those and you will be taken to the function you've selected.

YouTube Videos- To show off Google's investment as well as the assumed wireless coolness, I'd think Google Phone's six main icons could either be a clickable freeze frame of the YouTube video clip of the day- or a clickable icon that would take you to a scaled-down page of highlighted YouTube clips from content partners.

Those are my ideas for a Google Phone opening screen.

What are some of yours?

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