This could be a new Nest thermostat

Evleaks shows what looks to be a cheaper thermostat from Nest, with a facelift.

(Image: Evleaks/Twitter)

Alphabet's Nest building cheaper thermostat, home security system: Report

Time to make Nest an ecosystem: Alphabet is looking for deeper integration into your home.

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Notorious Evleaks posted an image over the weekend of what appears to be a new thermostat from Alphabet's Nest division.

The tweet accompanying the image didn't include any details, but the new thermostat appears to be made out of plastic and takes a slight deviation from the current Nest design while still retaining a circular look.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported Nest was building a cheaper thermostat that could retail for under $200. The publication said the new Nest could have cheaper components and might lack the metal edges found on the current $249 model.

The cheaper version could launch by next year, the report said. It could help Nest appeal to a new set of smart home buyers. The Alphabet division is rumored to be building a home security system, as well.

The Nest shown off in Evleaks' image suggests a LCD screen will be absent from the next model. Theoretically, an alternate display could show temperature controlled by a smartphone or a dial on the hardware.