Here's what the iPhone 14's always-on display will look like: Report

The latest iOS 16 beta has everything we need to see how wallpapers will behave in a new "Sleep" mode.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer
Image: 9to5Mac Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/ZDNet

Android phones have had some form of an always-on display for years now. And as we get closer to the time when Apple typically announces new iPhone models, rumors and evidence that the iPhone 14 will have an always-on display are gaining momentum. 

For those who aren't familiar, an always-on display will continue to show information and data -- such as the time or notifications -- on the screen, even when the phone is locked. When an iPhone is currently locked, however, the screen is completely off, leaving a black slab of glass.

With the release of iOS 16 beta 4, 9to5Mac has uncovered references to a new "Sleep" mode that turns the bright and vibrant wallpapers into a darker version, saving battery power and barely making the display visible in the process. 

It's a very similar approach to what Apple already does on the Apple Watch, but rumors are that this feature will be limited to the iPhone 14 Pro and not the lower-end iPhone models. 

The screenshot above shows a wallpaper in sleep mode. 9to5Mac even made a video showing what the iconic clownfish wallpaper transitioning between active and sleep modes could look like (you can find the video here). The only thing it's lacking is the clock and any notifications, which I assume will be available on a real device and not the demonstration that the team at 9to5Mac put together. 

I personally can't wait for the iPhone to finally get an always-on display. It's one of my favorite features of any Android phone, making it easy to always see what notifications are (or aren't) waiting for me.

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