Hey big consultants: isn't there architecture behind that cloud?

We've spent years perfecting service oriented architecture. Why aren't these lessons being applied to cloud?
Written by Joe McKendrick, Contributing Writer

As mentioned in previous posts, Dave Linthicum, author of Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise, has been beating the drums for augmenting cloud implementations with the methodologies, management and governance practices we’ve picked up for service oriented architecture.

Dave comes out swinging again, observing that the big IT consulting combines are missing out on this connection entirely:

"Many are not chasing cloud computing the right way, missing many of the architectural advantages. Instead they are just tossing things out of the enterprise onto private and public clouds and hoping for the best.... Missing is good architectural context supporting the use of cloud computing. Or, the ability to create an overall strategic plan and architectural framework, and then looking at how cloud computing fits into this framework now, and into the future. Typically that means leveraging SOA approaches and patterns."

We've been struggling, sweating, debating, and learning for almost a decade to get SOA right. There's a lot of lessons and best practices that are now baked in to the SOA space. Why re-invent the wheel for clouds?

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