Hey Microsoft haters- sorry but Zune has a leg up on iPod

 iPod lovers=Zune haters. They are out there in the teeming millions.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

iPod lovers=Zune haters. They are out there in the teeming millions.

I am convinced that a significant proportion of these Zune debunkers are really Microsoft haters. If MSFT developed a cure for cancer, then maybe folks like this would hate Microsoft somewhat less. 

At roll-out ceremonies for the Zune today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that the music player would soon be upgraded with a video-sharing feature and a phone component as well.

"The race is on,'' Ballmer said about the Zune iPod competition. "I'm confident we can keep up. They Apple) have brand and image going for them, and we have some innovative ideas.''

Zune goes on sale tomorrow- $249.99 suggested price. And we shall see how much Zune cuts into iPod's 75 percent market share. 

Ballmer says that Zune's wireless connection will help cut down Apple's dminant share some. I tend to agree. Music is a shared listening experience between friends- who are often in close proximity to each other.

Important to note, I think, that although Apple is sure to have some of these features within a few months (I'd expect big announcements out of CES and MacWorld, both in January). they ain't there yet. 

At least not for the forthcoming Holiday gift season.

Change forthcoming. I've been seeing decorations in the stores already.

Oh, I feel a poll coming on...

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